Sunday, August 28

hopelessly optimistic...but not about rain

By the way?  It has been HOT here lately.  As in: between 107 and 110 every day for the last week.  No rain.  Just suggestions of rain.  Lots of big clouds and humidity, but little actual water falling from the sky here in midtown.  I mean, we're not Phoenix or anything, where they've been in the hundred-and-teens and gotten haboobs, but it's been so hot that my infant cantaloupe has died.  Turned yellow and brown and shriveled up on the vine just like that.  I was so sad when I discovered it, you have no idea.  It was my first cantaloupe.

I'm about to tear out the tomatillos, by the way.  I'm sad about that too. But they're these huge, fluffy things that have produced approximately seven pea-size tomatillos so far this summer.  I can't justify the water consumption anymore.  I should've stopped justifying it weeks ago, but I'm apparently a hopeless optimist.  (I'm certain those of you who know me are nodding your heads sagely.) Also, I've got to put in the "cold"-weather crops within a couple weeks if I want them to have plenty of time to fail to produce edibles before winter really sets in. 

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHHAHHA!!!  Winter.  I AM a hopeless optimist.


Anonymous said...

Hey, what's going on over there?

Jenny said...

I don't know either!!!

Anonymous said...

Then write something amusing already!

Jenny said...

Okay. I'm on it.