Wednesday, November 23

finally! proof that it's an orange tree!

Last year we got one orange. And a bird ate it while we were at work.
 This year...magic!


Anonymous said...

Oh, hooray! How I miss going into the yard and picking oranges, lemons, pomelos, persimmons, and pomegranates! I guess winter is your payoff for surviving summer in Tucson?

Anonymous said...

Okay, this is how it works: person has blog; person is good writer; person is funny; person is entertaining; person inexplicably stops writing blog. I've seen this happen over and over (okay, twice). Come on, you have talent, you know how to tell a good story, you have made me laugh out loud at my desk at work. A lot. Don't stop.

Jenny said...

Anon: I only just saw your comment as I was hitting the "New Blog Post" button. Coincidence? Probably. But thanks for the encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I shouldn't take credit. Because I was just about to.