Tuesday, January 10

i think we can all agree that it's january

Hey! Where have you all been?!

Sitting on your couches scrunching up the wrappers of the last of the Ghiradelli mint-filled chocolates your mom sent you for Christmas? Baking amazing vegan cupcakes from the cookbooks your grandma put under the tree for you? Sinking down into steaming, silky water scented all cranberries-and-sugar from the bubble bath you found in the bottom of your stocking?

I'm just making some assumptions here.

Anyway, I've called this meeting because I've gotten in some hot water for not posting enough (at all) lately (since 2011). While I'm not misguided enough to make some kind of crazy New Years Resolution to "Post Every Day" or anything (because we all know that'll go exactly nowhere fast), I do want to get back into the blog. I like it and I miss it. It's been a great way to keep in touch with family and get back in touch with old friends and even - and this surprised me in a pleasant way - to get to know some new people.

So here I am.  Happy New Year, friends and loved ones!

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL holiday and consumed too many baked goods and found piles of puppies wrapped in shiny red bows under your trees that hadn't peed too extensively on all the other gifts before you got there. I hope that this isn't the year that we all get taken over by robots (my coffeemaker's been acting suspiciously feisty lately) and that nobody's house breaks in any significant and/or irreparable way and most of all that the Mayans got it all wrong. In summary, I hope 2012 is the year that will fulfill you like you've never been fulfilled before and that all your dreams come true and that you move to Samoa and open up a coffeeshop there, if that's one of your dreams.

In conclusion, let's go get 'em, tigers!


Anonymous said...

That's the way I like to hear you talk (blog)!

Anonymous said...

I love Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World! Your grandma is the coolest.

Jenny said...

I KNOW! She IS the coolest! But I think I've developed an unhealthy obsession with the vanilla cupcakes since getting that book. I've made them twice and if I had more natural vegan buttery spread or whatever it is, I'd make a another batch right now. I tried the gluten-free chocolate ones too, but found them lacking - maybe I'm just not used to gluten free baked things? Do you have a take on those ones? It seems like a nice idea to have a decent gf baked good recipe or two handy for friends but I don't know if those would be considered especially good within gf circles or if I should keep looking.

Olivia said...

Hooray! Twenty twelve will be awesome. Alliteration trumps Mayan prophecy every time.

Jenny said...

Too true.

CJ said...

gf cupcakes: I couldn't get the ones from that cookbook to work (I tried the vanilla ones. I posted the results here:

The (highly tattooed, straight-edge, dreadlocked, dog-loving) vegan baker I know in Salt Lake City who also makes really awesome gf baked goods said that she has better luck using the regular recipes from that book and just subbing out some Bob's Red Mill gf flour, or even just some rice flour. I've not tried that because I really think gf baking ought to be more complicated than that, but it might be worth a try, if you're looking to have yummy gf cupcake recipe on hand.