Wednesday, May 16

hugtreeging and rarty pocking

"Drop Dead Red" sunflowers.
I mean, flowsunners.
My first flowsunner ever.
Here's a funny Raphael story:

Yesterday evening, we were having a conversation about treehuggers. Or we weren't. I can't actually remember what we were talking about because shortly after the topic arose, Raphael inadvertently coined the term "hugtreegers".

Ever wonder what it's like to live with a non-native-English-speaker who also suffers from dyslexia?

Hugtreegers. That's what it's like.

The Guatemalan, by the way, is Done. With. School. For the duration of the summer. Party rocking!!

He'll go back in August for his final year of architecture, and after that everything will presumably go straight to hell - but good hell. It's so exciting! Who knows what 2013 will bring?! Hopefully more radishes, but I've learned to count on nothing, especially when it comes to root crops.

Let Summer commence.

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