Friday, November 9

time flies when you're fashioning skulls from sugar and egg whites

How in the hell are we halfway through November already?

Well, whatever. We had a small dinner party-type gathering last weekend. It featured a post-Actual Dia de los Muertos/pre-Tucson All Souls Procession theme mainly because I have wanted for about three years to try my hand at making sugar skulls and those colorful tissue paper banners.

Calaveras for Aunt Jean, Nana DeJongh, and Grandpa Noyes.

But first we did Halloween.
This is Mandia as a tranvestite robot on Halloween.
This is me and Mandia on the porch drinking wine and passing out
candy and glowsticks which were VERY popular.
This is Raphael, Chris, Kim, Steve, and Mandia still handing out candy several hours later.

These are the Jack o' lanterns - mine, Chris' and Kim's, and Raphael's.
The altar.

Dinner party decorations.
Papel picado - yes, I made them. It was a lot of picado.


Playing a risque card game. No one's mom would approve.


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