Monday, November 12

we don't really have bears hibernating in our freezer

It's November 12, and now is the time to admit to yourself that you're not going to use that package of frozen cranberries you stockpiled last December (because once, in, like 2008, you went to Safeway in December and they were OUT of cranberries and so every year since you've bought WAY more bags than you could ever possibly use during the course of one holiday season) - except that, now that you've found this one bag hibernating in the back of the freezer like a tart little bear, you might as well use it.  I mean, it's November again, which is cranberry season in most of the civilized world.

Cranberry bars

I love these and have made them several times. In fact, I just made some last night. Aging your cranberries for eleven months in the freezer produces a sweeter, less-tart bar than using fresh ones. At least that's been my experience. Tart is good too. Just be aware.

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Anonymous said...

'tart little bear' Love it!