Saturday, March 23

Raphael and two nerds and maybe vampires

Living with an architecture student can be trying -- and by trying I mean "AUGHH" -- which you know if you remember how I once compared architecture students to vampires. Wait, that's not the one. It's this one:  Oh. No. It's not. Those are just the only two other posts that come up if you search for vampire on this blog. Which means I'm not doing my job.

Anyway, the actual vampire comparison is no farther away from fact today than it was then. The trying part of our relationship isn't that Raphael's an Architecture Vampire; it's that I have to make out with my computer for companionship. Because even though we live in the future, it's still sharp. And a computer. And I think it's withdrawing money from my checking account while I'm not looking.

Today I asked Raphael how things were going at school and he said: "If i don't make blahBLAHblahblhaarchitectureterminologyblahBLAHblah by tonight, I'm in deep ass."

Well, that's a language I think we ALL understand. So I won't bother translating it for you. 

Suffice to say, I was present when Raphael got dressed to go to the library this evening, presumably to accomplish enough things that he won't wind up in deep ass come Monday. 

"I'm wearing jeans," he said (as opposed to shorts), "because it's kind of cool out."

"I KNOW," I said enthusiastically. I was in a good mood. "It's good sleeping weather!" (It was, like, 75 degrees today. When you live in Tucson without air conditioning, you cherish days like today.)

And he looked at me (Daggers! Jesus!). "Don't say that to me."

"I'm sorry."

"Because --"

"I know."

"--because I'm not going to get to sleep."

"Right." I took a swig of my Old Rasputin Russian Emperial Stout.  "I know."

So twenty minutes later, he had got into a t-shirt and some jeans. He looked good. Maybe I should say he looked FINE. (He did. He's a handsome man. Love those sexy Guatemalans. He has a number of brothers, ladies. Just saying. Of course, they're all married. Sorry.)  So when he asked me if he looked okay, I thought I'd make up for the whole "good-sleeping-weather" thing by looking all sideways and flirtily winky and saying: "You look good. The girls at the library won't be able to concentrate." 

And he said: "What? There won't be girls. It's Saturday night. It's gonna be me and two nerds."

And I was all like: "Doesn't that mean YOU'RE a nerd?"

Which was not the right thing to say either.

So I said: "Sounds like you're gonna be in deep ass, then. If "deep ass" means "a library in which only two nerds are present in addition to you."*

* I didn't really say that. I was too depressed for the two nerds. Poor nerds. Also, Raphael had already left by the time I thought of it. 

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