Tuesday, April 9

the art of salad

It takes me eight hours to make a salad these days.

First I have to decide to make a salad. That takes awhile.

Then I have to pick things out of the garden for it: lettuce, spinach, radishes, carrots, and green onions.

I take a turn around the herb pots: thyme, mint, oregano, chives.

Then I have to carefully wash each individual leaf, because now that it's warm, everything is covered with tiny bugs.

I add dried cranberries, walnuts, good fatty salad dressing. 

Grind on some black pepper.

Grate on some parmesan.

Then I spend three hours taking pictures of the salad.

And, finally - voila! Eight hours later, I'm eating the world's most temporally inefficient, economically unsustainable, and environmentally irresponsible salad.

And it's totally worth it.

World's best, most fiscally irresponsible salad.


CJ said...

That is an impressive salad. Eight hours seems like a long time, but what step would you cut out? They're all crucial to the final product.

Jenny said...

I think blogging about the salad might actually make it a nine-hour salad, but since it was gone before I started, I didn't count that last hour.